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"We believe that everyone deserves a chance at opportunity regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, creed or ideology. We are committed to building diverse teams for our clients. "

our client partners include

we find and recruit all-star talent

jumpsearch hall of fame

Akshay P.—Sr. Software Engineer (Java)

Alexander A.—Senior .NET Engineer

Amy S.—Sales Operations Leader

Angela L.—Copywriter

Annica B.—iOS Engineer

Beau H.—Business Analyst

Benard N.—Software Engineer (.NET)

Benjamin F.—Business Intelligence Engineer

Bert C.—QA Automation Engineer

Brian F.—Social Media Manager

Bryan D.—Digital Ads Specialist

Cameron F.—Sr. FP&A Director

Chad W.—Account Manager

Charles H.—Senior Software Engineer (Java)

Chase N.—VP of Marketing

Chris A.—Director of Customer Support

Chris H.—VP of Customer Success

Daniel B.—Senior Software Engineer (Java)

Daniel K.—Technical App Support Engineer

David B.—Account Manager

David M.—Senior Cloud Engineer

Doug B.—Software Engineer

Emily G.—Product Manager

Eric B.—Technical App Support Engineer

Eric F.—Sr. Software Engineer (Java)

Eric K.—Front-End Engineer

Eric T.—Web Developer

Eric W.—Sr. Software Engineer (Java)

Erick H.—BI Analyst

Ethan W.—Front-End Engineer

Evan F.—Software Engineering Team Lead

Evan O. - Lead Software Engineer

Gabe F.—HR Director

Gaige R.—UX Designer

Gerardo C.—Director of Customer Acquisition

Greg B.—DevOps Engineer

Greg S.—Senior Account Executive

Jacob P.—Field Marketing Manager

Jacob W.—Marketing Analyst

Jake H.—Financial Analyst

Jason C.—Sr. SDET Lead

Jason P.—Controller

Jay S.—Senior Product Manager

Jeffrey H.—QA Engineer

Jim O.—Front-End Engineer

Jim P.—VP of Technology

Jordan C.—Android Developer

Kade R.—Senior Financial Accountant

Katelyn W.—Executive Assistant

Kevin S.—Sr. Software Engineer (Java)

Kooper B.—Product Manager

Laura T.—Email Marketing Manager

Liliya R.—Sales Analyst

Luke B.—Software Engineer

Marissa C.—SDET/Automation Engineer

Mathieu L.—Sr Software Engineer

Michael C.—Senior Account Executive

Michael H.—Senior Accountant

Michael M.—Software Engineer Team Manager

Nate I.—UX Designer

Neal F.—Account Manager

Ojastro T.—Marketing Analyst

Ramaraya K.—Project Manager

Raymon L.—Operations Reporting Manager

Rikki R.—Account Manager

Ryan J.—Director of Sales Development

Sara H.—Technical Project Manager

Scott B.—Sr. Data Warehouse Developer

Shane C.—VP of Field Services

Skyler J.—Contact Center Training Manager

Tanner H.—Customer Experience Manager

Tara H.—Director of Marketing

Todd K.—Operations Analyst

Tom B.—UX Designer

Tracy H.—HR Manager

Travis H.—Account Manager

Troy S.—iOS Architect

Tyson M.—Account Manager

Westley S.—Regional Sales Manager

Weston J.—Project Manager

Zachary G.—Account Manager

our leadership

our leadership

Michelle Kuo

JumpSearch Founder and Managing Partner.

World Traveler.


Super Mom.

UCLA Alumnus (BS Psychology).

Avid Skier. 

Night Owl. 


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Eric Sullano

JumpSearch Managing Partner.


Avid Skier.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt.

USC Alumnus (BS Mechanical Engineering and MBA).

Kitchen Wizard. 

Morning Person. 

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our community

  • cfo%20rt_edited.jpg

    Monthly Since Dec 2019

    CFO Roundtable

    Michelle and Eric host a monthly CFO Roundtable for local startup executives. The Roundtable offers an intimate monthly forum where like-minded executives (CFO's and Heads of Finance) can share valuable learnings related to leadership, operations, KPI's, business models, fundraising, growth challenges and more.  The group is intimate and curated/moderated.

    Click here for more info

  • parity org square.jpg

    Since June 2019


    JumpSearch has taken on the "Parity Pledge" and we are actively advocating for women's representation at the highest levels of business, from Executive leadership to Board of Directors.  Parity.org is a non-profit committed to its mission of closing the gender-gap at the highest levels of business. 

  • Silicon Slopes logo.png

    Every January since 2016

    Silicon Slopes Tech Summit

    In October 2014, JumpSearch led marketing and talent relations for Utah Tech Week, a multi-day conference that celebrated tech startups in Utah; the event attracted more than 1,300 attendees from more than 21 different states and 3 countries. In January 2015, JumpSearch hosted a talent panel at StartSLC on how to attract and retain talent for startup. What followed in 2016 from those grassroots days was a merging of Silicon Slopes and Beehive Startups. Today, Silicon Slopes hosts the annual Silicon Slopes Tech Summit every January and is the premier conference two-day tech event in Utah that attracts more than 20,000 attendees every year. 

  • March 2019

    Salt Lake City Women Techmakers

    Salt Lake City Women Techmakers is a conference aimed at bringing the local women in technology community to celebrate International Women's Day. 

    In March 2019 Michelle led a group of more than 100 women techmakers in an interactive workshop as she explored the nuance, fears, and must-do's of salary negotiations. 

  • Sept 2019

    Salt Lake City Google Developer Group (GDC) DevFest

    Mobile & ML DevFest is an annual event hosted by the SLC GDG showcasing the incredible developer talent located here in Salt Lake. Michelle and Eric were invited to host an interactive 60-minute workshop on the topic of Maximizing your Market Value. 

  • February 2020

    Women in Science and Technology (WiST)

    Managing Partner, Michelle Kuo explores the topic of self-advocacy and negotiating a seat at the table.  Michelle shares her personal and professional trials and tribulations and lessons learned of finding advocates, believing in yourself, channeling nay-sayer energy, and pursuing your vision. 

the FAQ's

What should I consider when looking for a talent acquisition partner?

Placements firms are not created equal. In the same way you would consider hiring your next star team member, here are some of the things you should consider when hiring your talent acquisition partner.

  1. What are my talent acquisition needs in the short-term? Long-term?
  2. What challenges does my team currently have with attracting talent? Are there challenges I'm not aware of?
  3. Does their model/approach align with the maturity, philosophy, and operations of my company?
  4. Who do I want representing my company and brand to the talent market?
  5. Do they have experience working with companies like mine?
  6. What is their experience in placing my roles?
  7. Are they easy to work with?
  8. Do their values align with that of our company?
We know this requires some dilligence and discovery up front, but this will pay dividends as you build your team and culture.

What is JumpSearch's approach to search?

JumpSearch partners with companies who are looking for dedicated, turn-key talent acquistion team to address their critical, high-profile roles. We provide deep-partnership with our clients, depending on the maturity of our clients that could mean different things. In general there are two components to our turn-key talent acquisition approach: FIRST, we look INWARD within our client to understand the past, present, and future of the company, its challenges, strengths, opportunities, trajectory, and culture. We also help to build the internal operations and best practices to optimize the candidate and interviewer experience to sustain the ability to hiring great talent now and into the future. SECOND, we look OUTWARD, we develop and promote our clients' brands and go to the talent market to promote opportunities. We source and recruit, leveraging our local Utah network, going after the strongest, often passive candidates.

How long does it take to fill a critical position?

Generally speaking, we're able to fill most critical positions within 4 to 6 weeks, HOWEVER, your mileage may vary. We must caution that time-to-fill, while important, is not necessarily the optimal KPI for your critical searches/hires. That said, time-to-fill is driven by the following factors:

  1. Number of decision makers
  2. Alignment among decision makers including requirements, role, scope, qualifications, comp, culture-fit
  3. Supply/scarcity of talent
  4. Overlap between client expectations and what the talent market will yield
  5. Recruiting, interviewing, offer, exception handling operations

How do I know if JumpSearch is the right fit for my company and needs?

We've found that the best-fit partners:

  1. Are partnership-driven
  2. Are realistic and humble about their employer brand
  3. Take a focused approach to search (vs. a scattered shot-gun approach)
  4. Are fairly greenfield, or open, to evolving their recruiting operations
  5. Take their culture and its development seriously (but not too seriously)
JumpSearch may not be the optimal fit for your company if:
  1. The positions you need to fill are less-than mission-critical.
  2. Your company is using contingency agencies extensively for your searches.