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Case Study: Chatbooks

"Strengthening Families"


Case studies should speak to your target client. Choose a project that aligns with your ideal client and that showcases how your product or services were effective in solving the client's problem and reaching their goal. Give a quick summary of the story you're about to tell, including a brief overview of the problem and how you solved it. Keep this section to 3-5 sentences.




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Client Name

Company Bio



Size (prior to engagement):


The story you want to tell should showcase how your product or services either: provided a noteworthy solution to a particular problem, involved a well-known client, and/ or achieved outstanding results. In this section, describe the problem the client came to you with in detail. This is where you should discuss the end goal or purpose of the project. What metrics determined if the solution was a success? Were there any secondary objectives and how were those measured? What were the risks?


Tip: Use a SWOT Analysis for your client to help assess the client's main challenge and the company's strengths and weaknesses.  

What was the way your company discovered a solution to your client's problem? What made you stand out from other agencies? Explain what steps you took to develop a solution that truly stands out as a showcase project for your company and a win for your client.

You want to give a step-by-step analysis of how your products or services were able to resolve the initial challenge the client came to you with. Include the strategy you took and how it was implemented. What made your solution unique or best-suited to address this particular problem?


Discuss the rollout plan and include details of how the product was launched to the end user. Did you or your client plan any events or specific marketing campaigns to promote the product? 

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