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Case Study: Chatbooks

"Strengthening Families"


Chatbooks (www.chatbooks.com) is a B2C/Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) startup founded in 2014 and headquartered in the Riverwoods in Provo, Utah. Chatbooks' founder Nate Quigley first reached out to Michelle and Eric at JumpSearch when Chatbooks was in its Seed stage (2014) and had a handful of people on their team.  More than a year later Chatbooks had raised their $25MM Series A, they had 25 employees and reengaged JumpSearch to help them build their team and further their unique "All-Star" culture.


From day one Chatbooks’ Founder and CEO, Nate Quigley, has been intent on creating and furthering a culture of creativity, productivity, thinking big and staying small.  




Chatbooks was founded in Florida in 2014 but quickly found its home Provo, Utah. The company pursued its mission “strengthen families” by offering subscription-photo albums that automatically aggregate your most precious memories from Facebook, Instagram, and your phone's photo library. 


Chatbooks has received much press and applause in publications including “Oprah", “Better Homes and Gardens” “Good Housekeeping”, "Entrepreneur", "Bazaar" as well as the The Today Show. Chatbooks was recognized as 2016 Utah’s Top 25 Under 5, 1st fastest growing startup, 2016 Utah Top 100 Emerging Elite Winner, as well as Utah Valley’s #1 startup to watch. 

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Company Bio

Industry: Consumer, Ecommerce

Location: Provo, Utah

Founded: 2014

Size (prior to engagement): 25 employees

Size (today): > 100


  • $750k Seed 2014

  • $1.5MM Seed 2015

  • $6MM Series A 2016

  • $11.5MM Series B 2017

Website: www.chatbooks.com

Searches Led

  • Lead Front End Engineer

  • Digital Ads Specialist

  • HR Manager

  • Controller

  • Front End/UI Engineer

  • Financial Analyst

  • Senior Accountant

  • Director of Customer Acquisition

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Email Marketing Manager

  • Product Manager (Web)

  • Technical Project Manager

  • Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Copywriter

  • UX Designer

  • Director of Brand Marketing 

  • Operations Analyst

  • iOS Engineer

  • Social Media Manager

  • Business Operations Manager

  • Android Developer

JumpSearch took a deep integration approach we call "go native" with Chatbooks. 


CULTURE - We integrated with the team by attending company events, town hall meetings, and even collaborating/observing in Slack; this allowed us to deeply understand Chatbooks' culture, current and aspirational. In doing so, we were able to represent Chatbooks' brand effectively to talent market, and better assess culture fit of prospective candidates


TURN-KEY OPERATIONS - JumpSearch became Chatbooks' turn-key talent acquisition operation. We implemented and optimized their internal recruiting operations (including training and coaching interviewers and implementing candidate tracking systems).  

EMPLOYER BRANDING - We evaluated and shored up Chatbooks' employer brand and online presence through sites including Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Crunchbase. JumpSearch also strategized and led a Glassdoor campaign to that helped lead Chatbooks to being awarded one of the best places to work in Utah. 

We optimized operations for a both an amazing candidate and interviewer experience. 

At the time Chatbooks had 25 employees and $25MM in Series A funding and they need to scale their team yet preserve their unique culture.  Largely relying on their team's natural network, they had no formal recruiting team or system and their ability to recruit through their network was not scaling. Furthermore, Chatbooks had a unique culture that was so important to preserve and further; it was their brand super power that resonated with their target customers and made it such a special place to be a part of. 

Our challenge was to fill mission-critical roles that would spell the difference between success and failure for the team, while building an internal recruiting operation that would scale with the team.


Our success would be measured not in terms of time-to-fill or meeting a minimum technical bar.  Rather our success was measured in terms of our ability to deeply understand the culture and identify and recruit talent that would not only fit with the culture but help take it to the next level. 

Over the course of a year and half, JumpSearch recruited and hired more than 27 key individuals, helping to preserve and up-level the Chatbooks' All-Star culture as the company grew from 25 to more than 80 team members.

Key hires included: 

  • Director of Marketing (brand/partnership)

  • Director of Customer Acquisition

  • Head of Product

  • Controller

  • HR Manager

  • Business Operations Manager

  • Email Marketing Manager

  • Digital Ad Specialist

  • Android Developer

Chatbooks has received numerous accolades including:

  • 2017 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

  • Ranked one of the best places to work and maintains a 4.9 star out of 5 ranking on Glassdoor