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The Silicon Slopes CFO Roundtable exists to connect the CFO community.  The Roundtable offers a confidential and intimate forum for collaborative exploration and problem-solving with like-minded CFO's.  


CFO membership and participation is extended to CFO's with at least 2 years experience in a formal CFO/Head of Finance role with a Series A to D tech growth company. 


By invite/referral only, we bring the Silicon Slopes CFO community together for a monthly CFO Round Table.  In this Roundtable you'll find a safe, intimate, confidential forum where you can collaborate with like-minded CFO's.  You will share challenges, learnings, and collaboratively evaluate opportunities.  


The CFO Roundtable is held every third Thursday of the month from

8am to 9:30am over Zoom.


Monthly Roundtables are conducted via Zoom. 

We will do more in-person post-COVID.  


The Executive Roundtable, Southern California, is our sister chapter and has successfully brought executives together for more than 30 years. With the guidance of its Founder and President, we are establishing a new chapter here in the Silicon Slopes community. 

Every Executive needs a Brain-Trust.  Your customers, your team, your business, and your CEO and Board will thank you for it. 

Get notified about updates about our next Roundtable

Thanks for submitting - We will notify you with updates.

Frequently asked questions

Who will be there?

You can expect to meet other local, like-minded CFO's who are leading (or have led) Series A to pre Series C companies and beyond. We are evaluating membersip for CFO's who bring relevant yet diverse experience and are eager to learn, share, and foster a community.

Can you tell me more about the program?

Yes! For consistency and continuity the Roundtable meets every month. We limit the Roundtable to 6 to 10 members to create an intimate setting while maximizing knowledge sharing and collaboration. First portion may involve occasional guest (or member) speakers (NO advertisers or vendors or sales pitches will be permitted) who will talk on special, relevant topics that are of interest to the group. Next portion we will move into the Roundtable session where each group member will have an allocated time to share challenges or opportunities with the team and solicit feedback, recommendations from the group. Detailed meeting minutes will be transcribed and made available to the group along with action items.

Who is moderating the Roundtable?

The CFO Roundtable is moderated by Michelle Kuo and Eric Sullano, who bring years of consulting and team-building experience working with local startup executives along the Wasatch Front. The Silicon Slopes CFO Roundtable is a chapter extension of the Executive Roundtable in Southern California which has been running for more than 30 years. Connect with us - Michelle Kuo -, Eric Sullano -,

I'm super busy, what level of commitment is required?

We realize that your time is limited and so valuable. It is the goal of the CFO Roundtable to take virtually all the leg work and logistics out of creating an effective environment for you to share learnings with your fellow finacne executives. That said, we do recommend a level of commitment to ensure that we're maximizing the effectiveness and continuity of the Roundtable for everyone's benefit.

How much does the Roundtable cost?

Our mission is to create a CFO Roundtable that offers an ROI that far exceeds any other professional development means including continuing education, conferences, or networking events. Your first few Roundtable sessions are free of charge. We believe you need to experience the Roundtable and ultimately see the value first-hand. An introductory rate will be offered. Membership dues are to be determined.

How do I become a Member?

To get on our mailing list provide your email address on this website. We will reach out to you with an application. You can also reach out to with questions.

How are Members evaluated and selected for the Roundtable?

In order for the Roundtable to be effective, we need to bring together that right balance of relevant experience and diversity in our executive membership. The CFO Roundtable is not the optimal forum for every CFO out there. That said, we meticulously review the background and profile of prospective Members to ensure there is an optimal fit. The process to become a Member is as follows: 1) Apply 2) Arrange a call with Michelle Kuo and Eric Sullano 3) Get invited / attend a free, trial Roundtable 4) Receive an invite to become a Member

Is the Roundtable confidential? How can I be reassured?

We take confidentiality very seriously. The CFO Roundtable is a confidential and safe environment for you and your fellow Members to share your challenges, opportunities, struggles, and more, so that you can support and be supported. We ask members to review and acknowledge a Membership Agreement that includes terms related to non-disclosure and confidentiality. Also we evaluate CFO's to ensure there are no members that are working for companies that are directly competing or where conflicts of interest may arise that would impede the Membership's ability to share and discuss topics freely.

What is the CFO Roundtable's commitment to me?

It is our commitment to each of our Executive Members to: 1) Provide a safe, supportive, reliable, and effective environment for relevant, shared learning surounding the operational, technical, and organizational challenges you face as a CFO. 2) Curate, coordinate, and moderate the Roundtable with its Membership's interests held the to highest regard.