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Take care of your career, and it will take care of you. 

For professionals who yearn for more out of their careers, JumpSearch offers a full suite of career coaching services and tools that yield increased purpose, confidence, and compensation so that you can focus on the things you care most about. 

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  • Increase your career focus

  • Develop an authentic and compelling professional brand 

  • Build career clarity, confidence, and focus

  • Maximize your time

  • Optimize your career options and opportunities

  • Make more money

  • Avoid costly pitfalls and mis-fits

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Managing Partner / Coach

Michelle Kuo

I've been helping people connect their passions, values, and dreams with fulfilling career opportunities since 2007 and I LOVE IT! 


I take a very practical, hands-on, and inspirational approach to helping you connect with yourself and then with the right career move.  I look forward to working with you and making the possibilities a reality. 

Managing Partner / Coach

Eric Sullano

I believe the only certainty in life is change.  In 2012 managed a career transition from software product management to executive search and I can help you manage the change in your career.  I take a methodical approach to understanding you, your values, your strengths to align and navigate the professional and personal change that many are faced with today.  Change isn't easy, but we'll make sure it's in the right direction. 


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Frequently asked questions

How much does coaching cost?

Coaching with JumpSearch is an investment in you. By investment, we mean that you can expect a return on that investment. In the short-term this ROI may be realized in a bump in salary through effective negotiation, to longer-term professional (and personal) fulfillment through the tools you'll learn from our experience. We recommend reaching out and arranging a free 15-minute consultation to explore how we can help you. Reach out at

What if I'm not satisfied?

In our first meeting will conduct an in-depth intake to ensure that our expertise and services align with your needs and expectations. Our coaching services cannot "get you the job" nor do we negotiate on your behalf. We are coaches, we can offer you with tools, guidance, practice, and the feedback to take your confidence and performance to the next level. You will need need to put in the work to yield the results, but we'll be by your side along the way.

What does JumpSearch Coaching not provide?

JumpSearch Coaching does not interview for you, we cannot tell you what you're passionate about, we do not have difficult conversations on your behalf, we cannot create your story, but we can help you find it.

What can I expect from working with JumpSearch Coaching?

You can expect utmost professionalism, candid feedback, tools; insights into companies, cultures, industries, career paths; and career confidence and inspiration. We're here to help you capitalize on your strengths and understand your blindspots. We'll start with an initial consultation, and we'll zero in on where you want to go and the opportunities to improve your game to get you there.

At what point in a person's career is coaching most useful?

Now. Whatever point you are in your career you can benefit from career coaching. The areas of focus (and thus tools we apply) may be different depending on what stage you are in your career and your unique needs and objectives. A newly-minted grad could benefit from a well-crafted resumé and online presence, while a seasoned executive could benefit from understanding trends in interviewing and how to zero in on a company's culture.

At what point might the usefulness of career coaching diminish?

Coaching is only as good as your desire and motivation to put in the work. Managing your career exciting and inspiring but it can also be fraught with uncertainty and anxiety. We are professional "observers" and we can help bring some of these things to light when we see them. We can help you find your blindspots. It's also important to note that we are career coaches not therapists. If we encroach on the limits of our professional capacities, we'll definitely let you know.

I just need a resume polish, can JumpSearch help?

Yes. Many of our clients have strong focus of their needs and come to us very specific requests. Whether it's updating your resume or a few mock interviews or helping you negotiate that offer you just received. We can help.