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Case Study: ProdataKey

"Access Control. Anytime. Anywhere."


ProdataKey (PDK) is a startup headquartered in Draper, Utah that develops innovative, cloud-based, access-control technology for buildings.  The company was founded in 2011 by two brothers. 




ProdataKey (PDK) was founded in 2011 by two brothers is a startup that is passionate about creating building access control technology to enhance security, safety and overall experience for both real estate tenants and professional installers 

PDK has been on the Utah 100, MountainWest Capital Network (MWCN)’s annual list of the fastest-growing companies in Utah four straight years 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. 

PDK has implemented thousands of systems that are controlling access to tens of thousands of access points (i.e. doors) across North America. 

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Company Bio

Industry: Electronics, Real Estate

Location: Draper, Utah

Founded: 2011

Size (prior to engagement): 27 employees

Size (today): > 30


  • Series A

Website: www.prodatakey.com

JumpSearch conducted in-depth interviews and worked closely with PDK's CEO, Co-Founders, and Senior Engineers to understand the company's background, challenges, and culture (current and aspirational). 

Our team determined that, organizationally, PDK needed a technical leader who could bring a set of disciplined engineering development practices to the organization and effect cultural, organizational, and technological change in a moderated fashion. To get there, PDK relied on JumpSearch to bring a sound recruiting and hiring process to bear. 

RECRUITING PROCESS - JumpSearch instituted best practices that were applicable to PDK's phase of growth and maturity. We partnered with PDK's interviewing team and implemented structured interview process, scheduling, coordination.


Interviewer time is expensive, particularly for engineers. We coached interviewers to ensure both interviewers and candidates were maximizing each other's time through effective preparation and coordination across interviewing teams. 

JumpSearch instituted and moderated regular roundtables to ensure that all interviewers had an opportunity to share their feedback effectively. 

In 2019, PDK and its 27-person team was poised for growth. The engineering team included 8 developers; 4 full time and 4  overseas. At that time, one of the co-founders oversaw the entirety of product management, operations, software and hardware engineering, support and more; he was stretched thin. 

PDK engaged JumpSearch to help find and recruit a technical leader who could partner with the technical co-founder and lead positive change in the development culture, operations, and effectiveness. 

Within six weeks of the initial engagement, JumpSearch hired an Engineering Manager to partner with Cofounder and oversee an eight-person engineering team. Within a month he was quickly promoted to Director of Engineering reporting to CEO and charged with growing the technical team and up-leveling the performance and output of the engineering for the rest of the organization.