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Service Offerings

JumpSearch offers several recruiting service offerings and engagement models that can meet the unique needs of your company. Which offering is optimal for your company will depend on several factors including:

  • Your hiring plan

  • Volume of job requisitions

  • Internal recruitment capacity and competency

  • The maturity of your recruiting operations

Retained Search

Our Retained Search service offers a comprehensive and dedicated approach to finding top talent for your organization. With a mutually agreed-upon fee paid upfront, we prioritize your recruitment needs and commit to conducting an extensive search to identify the best candidates for your positions. Our experienced recruiters work closely with you throughout the entire process, ensuring a personalized white-glove recruitment experience.

In a Retained Search engagement a guaranteed fee is collected up front or in stages based upon pre-determined time frames, milestones or deliverables. 


  1. Dedication: Retained recruiting provides a focused and committed effort to fill your positions.

  2. Quality candidates: Extensive search efforts often result in identifying highly qualified candidates.

  3. Partnership: Working closely with a dedicated recruiter ensures a collaborative and effective hiring process.


Possible Disadvantages:

  1. Upfront investment: The fee is paid regardless of the success of the search.

  2. Limited flexibility: The exclusive arrangement may restrict exploring other recruitment options simultaneously.

  3. Extended timeline: Due to the thorough search process, it may take longer to fill positions compared to other methods.

Contingency Search 

Our Contingency Search service offers a flexible and results-oriented approach to finding the right candidates for your organization. We work on a "no win, no fee" basis, meaning we only receive payment when a candidate is successfully hired. Our team of recruiters leverages their networks, tools, and winning personalities to identify potential candidates quickly and efficiently.

In Contingency Search our fees are 20% to 30% of base salary of position being filled. 


  1. No upfront costs: You pay only when a successful hire is made, reducing financial risk.

  2. Speed: The focus on quickly identifying candidates can lead to faster hiring.

  3. Flexibility: You have the freedom to engage multiple recruiting firms simultaneously.


Possible Disadvantages:

  1. Lower commitment: Recruiters may prioritize other clients who have exclusive arrangements or higher fees.

  2. Limited search scope: The contingent model may result in a narrower pool of candidates compared to retained recruiting.

  3. Potential for competition: Multiple recruiting firms working on the same positions may create a race to submit candidates, potentially compromising quality.



Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our RPO service offers a comprehensive solution to managing your entire recruitment process. We become an extension of your organization's Recruiting/HR team, handling everything from job posting and candidate sourcing to interviews and onboarding. By outsourcing your recruitment function to us, you can streamline your processes, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

RPO engagements are driven by the unique needs of your company and involve an initial discovery and a proposal that includes a scope of work and fee structure. 


  1. End-to-end solution: We manage the entire recruitment process, freeing up your internal resources.

  2. Expertise and scalability: Our dedicated team has the knowledge and capacity to handle large-scale recruitment needs.

  3. Cost savings: By outsourcing recruitment, you can reduce expenses associated with job boards, advertising, and internal HR functions.

Possible Disadvantages:

  1. Loss of control: Handing over the recruitment process to an external partner means giving up direct oversight and control.

  2. Cultural alignment: Ensuring the external team understands and aligns with your company culture can be a challenge.

  3. Dependency on the vendor: RPO relationships can become crucial, and severing ties may disrupt recruitment efforts if the partnership dissolves.


Contract Recruiter

Our Contract Recruiter service offers a flexible staffing solution for short-term or project-based hiring needs. We provide experienced recruiters on a temporary basis to help you quickly identify and secure qualified candidates. Whether you require support for a specific project or need to fill temporary gaps in your recruiting team, our contract recruiters can deliver the expertise you need.

Our Contract Recruiter fees start at $100/hour and a minimum of 20 hours per week. 


  1. Flexibility: Contract recruiters allow you to scale your recruiting efforts up or down based on your immediate needs.

  2. Specialized expertise: Our contract recruiters bring specific skills and experience to meet your unique requirements.

  3. Cost-effective: Hiring contract recruiters can be more cost-effective than maintaining a full-time in-house recruiting team.


Possible Disadvantages:

  1. Temporary nature: Contract recruiters are not long-term employees, which may result in limited institutional knowledge and continuity.

  2. Onboarding time: Contract recruiters may require some time to become familiar with your company's culture and processes.

  3. Availability and competition: Experienced contract recruiters may be in high demand, making it important to secure their services in a timely manner.

Not sure what recruiting engagement model would best suit your company's needs? We know this can be a lot to chew on, especially if this is the first time seeing these models.


Contact Eric at and we can discuss what would best suit your needs. 

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