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We believe that everyone deserves a chance at opportunity regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, creed or ideology. 


We are committed to building diverse teams for our clients. 

"I have become a platform, a voice, for so many who have not yet found their voice..."

Michelle Kuo, Founder and Managing Partner


Why is diversity so close to our hearts?

A message from our Founding Partner, Michelle Kuo...

​"I am a female of Asian descent, and as a double minority, I struggled to find my voice early in my career.  Growing up in Southern California I found diversity was fairly common place.  Nevertheless, as an Asian female, I was stereotyped. I had many colleagues and bosses who often dismissed my opinion and never thought I could rise into a leadership position.  It was a headwind that can't be fully understood or appreciated unless you're in that position.


In time, I proved many naysayers wrong when I started my recruiting and consulting firm. JumpSearch became a platform for me to express my voice.  Every single day I help connect the companies and candidates I work with to build diverse high-performing teams. I help candidates deeply understand their stories, struggles, successes, and bring them to light. I have become a platform, a voice, for those who have not yet found their voice or have no platform. 


In 2012, I found my way to Utah, where I found a limited gender and ethnic diversity in the workplace.  It felt strange for me to attend so many Silicon Slopes events and be one of the few female, ethnic attendees.  I have two daughters who I believe should have access to equal opportunities to reach their full potential and be who they want to be without outside forces telling them otherwise because of their race or gender.


Over the years I’ve presented and been involved with events that promote diversity and women including Women Tech Council, Google Developer’s Women Techmakers, Recursion’s Women in Tech and Scienceand Silicon Slopes’ first planning committee for Tech Summit.  Furthermore, in our recruiting practice, we’ve included at least one female and/or person of color in consideration for the roles startups and tech companies hire.  In working with companies and hiring managers, we’ve encouraged a wide range of diverse candidates who not only are diverse in gender and ethnicity but also have diversity in education, age, organizations, projects, extracurricular activities, perspective and life experiences. 


With this, I’m proud to say JumpSearch has helped many of our clients hire and diversify their teams." 




JumpSearch has made the Parity Pledge in support of diversity in gender and people of color in the workplace.  

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How you can build a more diverse and high performing team?

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