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Making a Career Move to Utah? 3 Ways to Land Your Next Big Job

In today’s unique environment that has enabled remote work, more job seekers are searching for new homes in cities they want to work and play in. Market trends show that Salt Lake City is quickly climbing the list of desired destinations for individuals and families alike. Besides the breathtaking mountain views and abundance of outdoor activities, Utah and SLC have built a diverse industry mix focused on competitive wages, high growth that has proved economically stable over time and is recently beating the national average rates of unemployment. Whether you’re looking for a career in tech, manufacturing, life sciences or construction, there is opportunity to seek out and be excited about in the Utah community right now.

How do you stand out as a candidate in one of the most competitive job markets this nation has recently faced? Here’s three unique approaches to access the career move you want to make.

Create a Plan

Schedule time to think deeply about what you visualize your life to look like in the next 5 years, giving thought to how your career supports and fits into it. Creating intention around the goals for your life allows you to build career goals that support your personal and professional growth. Spending time defining what truly matters to you, motivates you everyday, and inspires you to grow will help your job search be more deliberate and focused. This intentional practice will also help you define and articulate your personal brand and value proposition you can offer to a company.

Stand Out from the Crowd by Doing What Others Won’t

With the level of competition and size of talent in the market, completing a job application is the bare minimum effort to give. After you’ve created your career goals, have started your job search, and are ready to apply to companies you’re interested, spend time researching the companies and roles you are intending to apply to. Tailor your resume with the achievements of your past work experiences to fulfill the job description requirements. Dive deeper into the company’s careers page to identify how they talk about their culture, values, and people to make your matching qualities stand out within your past work experiences. Avoid using the same cover letter that generalizes your background; make your cover letter stand out by specifically speaking to the company’s mission and how you can help drive them there with your work. Research the company and seek out a connection or contact that currently works there to connect with on LinkedIn or through email. Reaching out with a customized message to a key contact could be the push for your resume to the top of the review list. The extra time and effort beyond hitting the “Easy Apply” button will help you stand out as an ambitious candidate against the crowd.

Get Connected with the Local Community and Network

Even before you make your move to Utah, you can join virtual communities on Slack, Facebook or LinkedIn to make connections and build relationships. Seek out local organizations that you can join that are well-connected around the city, like the