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JumpSearch Brand & Logo Rebirth

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Our excellence in service and added value we deliver to our client partners and candidates has never changed; we're just refreshing our look as we keep moving forward.

More than eight years ago, our founder Michelle Kuo started JumpSearch. Since then, we have served the venture-backed startup community by recruiting and building diverse, high-performing teams. Here in this chaotic year of 2020, we thought it was high-time to reevaluate who we are and what we represent and capture that in a refresh of our logo and brand.

The "OG" logo and brand mark from 2012.

Our design intent with the new logo was to really capture and radiate a sense of order-out-of-chaos, a playfulness, “Day 1” / white-belt mindset, rebirth, and reinventing while staying true to our fundamentals. In the redesign of our logo, we have let go of the formality of the upper case name and the clearly distinct color scheme and flat pattern.

Introducing the refreshed logo & brandmark, for 2020 and beyond.

The gradient color spectrum of purples to reds of the magnifying glass symbolizes the blended, yet distinct, diversity that embodies the companies we represent and teams we build. The oranges and reds represent a vibrant passion and enthusiasm bridged by the dark areas into the contrasting deep blues and purples suggest a transition to success and maturity that is only bridged through the uncertain and dark times.