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Team Ultimate

Originally posted to LinkedIn 2/24/2020

This article totally hits home - Married co-founders are a startup's secret weapon

8 years ago Michelle Kuo started JumpSearch to help companies be better at recruiting. In 2012 I was 13 years into a product management/software development career. That same year we got married and shortly thereafter she recruited me to join her search firm. (She likes to think she helped me find my way; I like to think I was her best recruit ever.)

Coming from California, I always thought there was a stigma around a married couple running a company together and early days we never highlighted to prospective clients the fact that we were married.

Now I'm convinced that being married to my boss and business partner is one of our competitive advantages.

We have pressure-tested communication.

We have a lot of practice solving problems.

We know that two brains (and eyes and ears) are better than one.

We understand (deeply) each other's fears and short-comings.

We call BS on each other in no uncertain terms.

We have a long-game grounded in a shared personal/professional vision.

For many today, the gap between work life and personal life is closing and I'm so fortunate I have the right person on this magic bus.