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Why Diversity is an Essential Factor in Successful Cultures

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Diversity has and always will be close to our hearts. I grew up in South California, which was fairly diverse in the community, but still was stereotyped as an Asian female throughout my career by colleagues and managers. Listening to feedback from them that I was never going to amount to much in my leadership career was a challenging headwind that can’t be fully understood unless you have been in that position.

We have always told our girls that you can do anything you want when you want to do it. We as individuals are not limited in opportunities by any race, gender, age, background. We believe that whole-heartedly because we have faced challenges throughout our careers and our lives. It is why we work the way we do and why we take on opportunities to be advocates for it in the community- to show others they can too, but also to show our girls that they can become whoever they want to be and do what they believe in.

Creating and launching JumpSearch was my opportunity to create a platform to express my voice and help others deeply understand their stories, struggles, successes, and bring them to light.

We believe that building diversity is important to individuals, organizations and communities. More meaningful value is created that benefits everyone involved by supporting diversity throughout processes and conversations. Through the recruiting and hiring processes we help support our clients with, we have seen the focus on diversity on the front end come back to create exponential value for the people and company on the operations end.

Building diversity into recruiting builds culture th