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Think of us as your personal matchmaker. We take time to get to know you—like really know you. We spend time on-site, learning about your company culture first-hand. We’ll probably even crash a lunch meeting or two because we know that the best team building happens from within.

our approach

Scaling and preserving your culture with the right team members is not easy. JumpSearch takes the following approach to ensure repeated success. 



If it’s done right, culture is a competitive advantage and a compelling branding opportunity for organizations.  Once we kick off our engagement, we will deep dive with you and your team to understand “Who’s who?” and “Just how do things work around here?”  

Our objective is to learn firsthand about your culture, environment, team, and challenges so that we can effectively share your story with the talent market.  For example, if you’re struggling with high attrition rate, we’ll run a full post-mortem analysis, connect the dots, and help you pivot appropriately. 


Overall, we typically spend one to two days on-site each week to ensure we’re in sync with your team, your current events, and the many ways your organization is evolving. 




Once we conclude our initial Discovery phase, we craft a compelling employer value proposition, which comprises your unique employer brand and opportunity.


We also establish AND maintain your online employer brand presence (i.e. Glassdoor, Crunchbase, LinkedIn). JumpSearch implements the best practices to ensure that your employer brand is current and accurate. To make things short, we make sure your online presence is effective.


Scalable and Repeatable


Don’t have a Candidate Tracking System in place? We’ll get that set up for you.  Already have one in place? We’ll ensure that it’s configured, instrumented, and optimized to support your company's unique and evolving recruitment process.  


As needed, we also provide training for hiring managers/ interviewers to ensure their efforts are concerted and effective.  As much as we’d love to, we don’t plan to be with your organization forever; a key objective for us is to set the tone and get the right infrastructure in place to ensure your team is teed up for recruitment success as we transition.



We go to the talent market to find the best hires for your team.


Most candidates with strong talent are happily employed, challenged, and usually very well-compensated. We reach out to these top-notch professionals from your company email domain in your company voice to pique their interest. 

When all is said and done, we open a prospect’s eyes to a compelling career move opportunity.  This way, we don’t have to pass your team resumes and “hope they stick". Instead, we send you qualified candidates who are informed, excited, and ready to help take your company to the next level.




One bad candidate experience can easily tarnish your employer brand.  The single biggest complaint among job prospects is a lack of communication and follow through. 

To help improve or maintain your employer brand reputation, we closely shepherd candidates through the entire recruitment, interview, and on-boarding process. JumpSearch prioritizes close contact with talent at all times, and we never cut corners when it comes to being available for our candidates and clients the net result of this effort is an optimal fit between our clients and the talent they hire.


This positive two-way experience will be paid off in spades; your new employee will tell others of their superior experience, opening the door for employee referral hires down the road.




Hiring the right team members is one of the most important investments you’ll make for your organization.


That being said, on-boarding the right team is a long and sometimes arduous journey that’s full of minutiae. Often, the legwork it takes to hire the right individual requires more than your hiring manager and interviewer’s time.  

We manage interview briefs/scheduling, onsite coordination, debrief communication, and much more so your team doesn’t have to.



So, you’ve found your all-star candidate, everyone loves her, and she seems interested in joining your team.  Done deal, right?


Unfortunately, you’re not out of the woods quite yet. Have you thought about her worth? Do you know how much you have to offer to stay competitive?


JumpSearch helps your team navigate the nuances of the offer stage. We come informed of market rates for talent, and manage offer presentation and mitigate the effects of counter offers.



We coordinate among your team to ensure new team members transition smoothly into your team.


We do reference checks as needed, and make their results available to hiring managers so your team and new team member are set up for success.


One to two months after their start date, we take new hires out to a welcome lunch to close the loop. Was their experience what they expected? How well did we do describing the opportunity? We then bridge communication gaps between new team members and hiring managers if they exist.

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