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Case Study: Dwelo

"Simple, Seamless Smart Apartments"


Dwelo ( is a privately held startup tech company that brings smart device technology to apartment communities.  Founded in 2014 with headquarters in Draper, Utah, Dwelo is the leader in smart home automation for multi-family homes.  In 2018, Dwelo had raised $9MM in VC funds when CEO Mike Rovito reached out to JumpSearch.  We stepped in and provided turn-key talent acquisition services while also partnering with the leadership team to develop and implement the startup’s first recruiting and hiring strategy.



Dwelo is a home automation platform purpose built for the multifamily industry.  Dwelo’s mission is to make living and working in rental housing more magical, efficient, and connected.  They provide customers - owners, managers, and residents - with web and mobile applications that allow them to control smart devices across their communities saving them time and money. With Dwelo’s technology and service, residents live in the future, managers streamline their operations, and owners improve their NOI.

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Industry: Computer Hardware & Software

Location: Draper, Utah

Founded: 2014

Size (prior to engagement): 40

Size (after engagement): >80


Searches Led

  • VP of Field Services

  • VP of People Operations

  • Director of Customer Success

  • Director of Sales Development

  • Regional Sales Manager

  • Senior Cloud Software Engineer

  • Talent Acquisition Manager

  • Analytics Engineer

  • Senior Product Manager

  • HR Generalist

  • Project Coordinator

  • Customer Care Rep

  • Community Success Manager

  • Product Marketing Manager

  • Copywriter

  • Digital Designer

Dwelo had a new executive leadership team with ambitious goals of growth that required the right  talent and team members.  The team knew recruiting strategy, systems, operations, and execution were important, but had limited  cycles to focus on it; recruiting was a bit of an afterthought. Finding, attracting, and hiring the best talent was very important to the team and not just lip-service.  The company also needed a strategy to improve their employer branding and showcase their unique, high-performing, and fun culture to prospective candidates.

Employer Branding & Culture

Through a deep-dive discovery process, we partnered with the leadership team to understand and define where Dwelo’s culture was at present, where they wanted to take it and what kind of talent will help up-level the team’s culture. We helped conduct an audit of the company’s brand across all of its professional networks including LinkedIn, Glassdoor and the Dwelo Careers page.  We worked in partnership with the Dwelo marketing team on the brand’s visual identity and helped collect photos of team members and the workplace that represented their values of Fun and Inclusion.  At the time, Dwelo’s reviews on Glassdoor from team members that no longer worked at the company were negative, misrepresenting and unaddressed; we responded to every review on the Glassdoor page, and conducted a campaign to collect reviews from current team members. Dwelo’s leadership team holds a high level of pride in the culture they’ve developed, and we helped showcase their culture as one of the best reasons to work there. 


Interview Process

As Dwelo was looking to hire talent across multiple departments, we helped build a recruiting strategy and process that included interview training of hiring managers across the company.  We incorporated strategies from the WHO approach to hiring, standardizing a very methodical process to qualify candidates. Dwelo has a high bar of diverse-thinking, high performers and the leadership team would rather have the recruiting process yield false negatives than false positives in their hiring; they wanted the right person in the role. We helped the hiring managers develop scorecards to qualify A talent, structure questions that identified critical competencies, and introduced a work sample stage to the interview process. The customized work sample stage validated the candidates’ aptitudes and working style in a very concrete manner. We built out and operationalized recruiting processes in Greenhouse, and served as the recruiters on open roles and actively sourced for executive level talent.  

High-Touch Hiring Manager Experience

We worked with the hiring managers through every step of the interview and hiring process.  In close connection with the leadership team, we could help set and reset expectations of the team by evaluating the candidate’s skill set and personality with the trajectory of the role.  With weekly update meetings on the hiring process and reviewing the hiring manager’s feedback in scorecards, we were able to create an efficient vetting process to qualify candidates under the hiring manager’s expectations and needs for the role.  Near the end of the process when the hiring managers had several final contenders to evaluate, we would orchestrate a roundtable of everyone involved in the interview process to share final thoughts, express concerns and allow the hiring manager to ask questions, ultimately collecting all of the information needed to determine next steps. The real benefit our service provided to the hiring managers was their time; we managed the back-and-forth communications with the candidates throughout the interview process and coordinated all meetings, only sending through talent that would reach Dwelo’s high bar. 


High-Touch Candidate Experience

In terms of the talent advisement service, the level of contact we have with the candidates through briefs and debriefs at every stage of the interview process presented invaluable perspective and context to the hiring managers to support the right hire.  Through multiple check-ins with the candidates throughout the interview process, we were able to gauge levels of interest, discover other hiring processes or offers, and identify what was important to the candidate in offer terms.  Our close working relationships with the hiring managers allowed us to prepare the candidates for what to expect in interviews. Serving as the liaison between the candidates in consideration and the hiring team, we were able to build better connections and fits between the right talent for the right roles for Dwelo. 


The level of engagement and involvement of the partnership was above a traditional recruiting service.  We actively collaborated with the team in a strategic and execution-focused capacity.  In December of 2018, we started with eight requisitions including the roles of Director of Sales Development, Director of Customer Support and Senior Cloud Software Engineer. After two and a half years of serving as Dwelo’s internal talent team, we filled more than 17 roles including the startup’s first Talent Acquisition Lead, and are still currently recruiting for several positions in analytics, marketing, customer support, sales and project management.  


It was not uncommon for us to manage more than 250 outreach messages and review more than 1,575 candidates for a search. We ensured that with every role we kept diversity top-of-mind and presented at least one gender and ethnically diverse candidate for the leadership team to consider.  In partnership with the marketing team, they helped improve the startup’s Glassdoor rating from a 2.0 to a 4.7, now attracting high-performing talent as a recruiting tool.

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