JumpSearch is a Utah-based search agency. 

We acquire talent for start-ups and hyper-growth companies…the kind of talent that can put your organization on a whole new trajectory.

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We believe something very special happens when the right PEOPLE come together with TECHNOLOGY and ENTREPRENEURSHIP. We call this "People+".

Get the right people on the bus,… and the right people in the right seats.

- Jim Collins -

Our Niche

You probably wouldn't hire a general practitioner for brain surgery would you? Neither would we.
We are specialists - this is what we do.

Technology Start-Ups

Our ideal clients are tech start-ups and hyper-growth organizations that may or may not have an established internal recruiting team.

Mid to C-Level

We fill mission-critical positions that spell the difference between success and failure.

Hard-to-Fill Positions

We thrive on filling challenging positions that require near-perfect cultural, skill, and vision fit.  

Product Managers

A product manager must embody the start-up’s values, vision, and culture at the utmost highest level.  

UX/UI Designers

A well-designed user experience can make or break a product; we’ll find you the best-in-class designers.

Software Developers and Engineers

Rubber meets the pavement! From  big data behavioral analytics engineers to CTO’s, we speak the language.

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Service Offering

Can your start-up afford a mis-hire for this position?

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Street Cred? We got a bit of that too.

  • Brian S. - Director of Engineering at Taulia Inc.

    “JumpSearch has been a great partner to Taulia. They have helped us hire 5 very hard to find professionals in a short period of time. They have done a great job of vetting the candidates to ensure only qualified candidates make it to the interview.”

  • Nimish P. - Senior Software Engineer at Salesforce.com

    “What I like most about working with JumpSearch and Michelle is that you get personalized attention. Michelle was always available to answer any questions that I had and was very co-operative throughout the whole process. I never felt rushed or compelled to make a quick decision. Michelle is very knowledgeable about the tech industry and the companies she represents. I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of research JumpSearch does before contacting you. You can tell that they care deeply about a win-win-win situation. Without a doubt, I highly recommend collaborating with Michelle and the entire JumpSearch team.”

  • Eric K. - Front-End Software Engineer at Taulia Inc.

    “Michelle from JumpSearch contacted me about a couple positions that were good matches for me at some very good companies. When I decided to pursue the opportunities, she wasn’t pushy at all, but provided lots of valuable advice and information throughout the interviews. Once I got an offer, I was glad to have her negotiating my compensation, and I felt like she had my best interests in mind. I never felt like she was pushing me into accepting just so she could get paid, but I did feel that she was genuinely looking to make a good fit at a place where I would be happy. At the end of the day I’m in a great job that I love, and it’s all thanks to Michelle finding me and working with me to make it happen. I generally avoid working with recruiters because I’ve always felt like their first priority is placing anyone anywhere just to get paid. Michelle & JumpSearch are different; she made the hiring process easier for me and at the end of the day I have a great job that I wouldn’t have even known to apply to. I would definitely work with her again.”

  • Mudasar M. - Business System Analyst at DirecTV

    “Extremely professional and precise are two adjectives that come to my mind when describing Michelle. I always found her to be proactive, professional, and knowledgeable. She does what she says and always asks the right questions. Having worked with a number of recruiters in the past, I can safely say that Michelle is one of the best I have come across and I look forward to working with her in the future.”

  • Eric W. - Sr. Software Engineer at Qualtrics

    “So with my career as a Software Engineer specializing in Big Data, I receive multiple requests from recruiters daily. I generally delete them with barely a glance, but Michelle somehow made it through all of my defenses, and got my attention. Subsequently, my life became more complicated, but much better, as she successfully dragged me away from the place where I was currently working. I now have a much better job, and am much happier.”

  • Todd B. - IT Infrastructure Manager at Move.com

    “Michelle is a valuable resource of mine, not to mention a good friend. I appreciate her professionalism, specifically her ability to manage tasks/responsibilities and following thru/following up on items she has committed to being responsible for completing. If Michelle is an asset for those individuals (like myself) who she’s worked with, I can only imagine how much more of an asset she has been to her clients.”

  • Daniel K. - Technical Application Support Engineer at Taulia Inc.

    “JumpSearch/Michelle reached out to me via LinkedIn to let me know she was looking for candidates with my skill-set to fill a position in an exciting new company. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about that; most people in my industry get messages along those lines all the time. What WAS out of the ordinary is that the invitation actually looked like it was written by a human being! Who had actually read my resume! On LinkedIn! When I reached out to her, Michelle immediately struck me as knowledgeable, honest, and driven. Over a series of phone calls and interviews with the new company, she kept me abreast of new information through prompt calls and and texts. The entire process was transparent and I felt completely confident that she had my interests, as well as that of the new company, in mind. She was a consummate professional, as well as very personable and easy to speak with. If not for Michelle’s interpersonal talents, I seriously doubt I would have engaged with the interview offers. And thank goodness I did! I now have a great new job with a better salary that fits terrifically with my personal and professional goals. I endorse Michelle as a tech recruiter without reservation and I can’t thank her enough for matching me up with an exciting new step in my career.”

  • Shelly - Program Manager at DirecTV

    “When JumpSearch called me I was hesitant at first. I haven’t had the best experience with recruiting/staffing companies. In the past most recruiters don’t follow up nor call you back once you’ve been submitted for a job opportunity. Michelle from JumpSearch changed my perception. She called me and took an interest in what I was pursuing. In a matter of days she had me scheduled for phone interviews with her client and then face to face interviews with the same client. I was hired that week. She called me and kept me updated on the hiring process. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable on what her clients are seeking and I am so glad I took a chance with her. To this day she still follows up to see how I am doing. I love my job and the pay is excellent. I have recommended former colleagues to Michelle for employment. She does an amazing job and I can’t thank her enough for finding me this opportunity.”

  • Sana A. - Technical Recruiter at Google

    “Michelle is one of the most genuine, helpful and positive people that I have worked with. She remembers what is important to the candidates that she is representing on both a professional and personal level. For this reason they ask for her by name and recommend her to their colleagues and friends. Michelle is a valuable member to have on your team and I hope to be able to work with her again in the future.”

  • Merrick H. - Principal Technical Support Engineer and Team Lead at Oracle

    “Michelle is a very conscientious recruiter – quite the opposite of what some of us are used to. She’s attentive, personable, and willing to listen to what you have to say. I highly recommend her/Jumpsearch”