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Real Feedback from Real Recruiters

By far, the biggest complaint we hear from job seekers is not receiving any feedback.

We're about to change that for you.

Get the feedback you need to put your job search and career on the right track.  


The job search is a grind. 
Don't go alone. 

We put more than 25 years of executive recruiting experience to work for you. 
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Eric Sullano
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Hey I'm Eric.


I'm a Co-Founder of JumpSearch. And I've worked as an executive recruiter for the past 10 years. I have a background in software development and product management; this means I enjoy working with customers and building systems to serve their needs. 

I can do this for you. 

I've helped hundreds of candidates maximize the job search, interview, offer, and negotiation process. 

Your job and career is too important to settle for less!

Hi, I'm Michelle. I'm the CEO and Co-Founder of JumpSearch. I started this company because I discovered my passion for creating human connection and bringing together people and opportunity.


I've worked with thousands of candidates over the past 16+ years in recruiting and hundreds of hiring managers and interviewers. 

I know the psychology of recruiters, interviewers, and hiring managers because I've trained them.


I know how the recruiting and hiring system and process works because I've designed and implemented them. 

I know what separates those that receive offers and those that are passed on. 

I can bring all this experience to you and super charge your search. 

Michelle Kuo 
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Hundreds of our candidates that have landed jobs a some of the world's fastest growing companies including: 

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